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alto saxophone with amplification/duration 6’11”
Susan Fancher, saxophone/ Innova records 736
Aeterna MP3

Another’s Fandango
acoustic guitar/duration ca 5’
David Starobin, guitarist/ Bridge Records 9009
Another’s Fandango MP3
At the Sound of Light
guitar quartet/duration 3’20”
Eos Guitar Quartet (Marcel Ege, Martin Pirktl, David Sautter, Michael Winkler)/
Eos Guitar Edition 2009
At the Sound of Light MP3
Concert Etudes
acoustic guitar/ duration ca 22’
1 Nocturne, 2 Fantasy, 3 Scherzo, 4 Toccata, 5 Ecossaise, 6 Cavatina, 7 Serenata, 8 Impromptu, 9 Bagatelle, 10 Eclogue, 11 Berceuse, 12 Burlesque
David Stanisawek, guitarist/ Albany Records Troy827
Concert Etudes #11 MP3 - Concert Etudes #12 MP3
Death Angel
piano/ duration 10:45”
Donna Coleman, pianist/ Capstone Records 8606
Distances Within Me
alto saxophone and piano/ duration 9’44”
James Forger, saxophonist, Deborah Moriarty, pianist/ CRI Records 599
Distances Within Me MP3
flute/ duration 5’48”
Jayn Rosenfeld, flutist/ CRI Records 599
Echolalia MP3
Elysian Bridges
saxophone quartet/ duration 9’44”
The Capitol Quartet (Christopher Creviston, soprano, Joseph Lulloff, alto,David Stambler, tenor, Andrew Dahlke, baritone)
Blue Griffin Records BGR367
Elysian Bridges MP3
acoustic guitar/ duration 2’25”
David Starobin, guitarist/ Bridge Records 9084
Giglolo MP3
alto saxophone and acoustic guitar/ duration 10+’
Duo Montagnard (Joseph Murphy, saxophonist, Matthew Slotkin, guitarist)
Messengers MP3
Play of the Sixes
solo acoustic guitar (from the ZIngari concerto)/ duration 1’58”
Daniel Stanislawek, guitarist/ Albany Records Troy827
Play of the Sixes MP3
there are many arrangements for high, medium and low instruments/ duration 7’30”
The Debussy Trio (Angela Wiegand, flutist, David Walter, violist, Marcia Dickstein, harpist)/
Klavier Recordings K11180
Serpent MP3
Seven Translation
seven songs for soprano, violin, clarinet and piano/ duration 11’46”
1.On the Grass (Miyoshi), 2. Lament for Hathimoda (Anon.), 3. Star and Dead Leaves (Shijegi), 4. Since worms and dust must be your fate (Ausonius), 5. Rain on Castle Island (Hakushu), 6. Come, make an End (Alcuin), 7. In Praise of Wine (Anon.)
Continuum (Rachel Rosalis, soprano, David Krakauer, clarinetist, Mia Wu, violinist, Joel Sachs, pianist)/ CRI Records 599
Seven Translation #1 MP3 - Seven Translation #2 MP3 - Seven Translation #3 MP3 - Seven Translation #4 MP3 -
Seven Translation #5 MP3 - Seven Translation #6 MP3 - Seven Translation #7 MP3
acoustic guitar/ duration 3’27”
Alejandro Saladin Cote, guitarist/ Artek Records AR-0058-2
Silhouettes MP3
violin, cello and piano/ duration 10’48”
Trio Solisti (Maria Bachmann, violinist, Alexis Pia Gerlach, cellist, Jonathan Klibonoff, pianist)/
Bridge Records 9271A/D Disc B
Sirens MP3
acoustic guitar/ duration 6’38”
Benjamin Verdery, guitarist/ Mushkateek records MR200
Sonatina MP3
Symphonic Rhapsody
concerto in three movements for alto saxophone and orchestra/ duration 16’41”
1.Drammatico, 2. Lirico, 3. Maestoso
James Forger, saxophonist, Robert Black conducting the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra/
MMC Recordings 2003
Symphonic Rhapsody #1 MP3 - Symphonic Rhapsody #2 MP3 - Symphonic Rhapsody #3 MP3
The Fortunels
three works for acoustic guitar/ duration 15’16”
1.Forbidden Dances, 2. As She Sings, 3. Sacred Idylls
Daniel Stanislawek, guitarist/ Albany Records Troy827

The Phantom Dancer

one movement for soprano saxophone, and piano/ duration 7'14"
Blue Griffin Records DGR519
Christopher Creviston saxophone, Hannah Creviston piano
The Phantom Dancer MP3


acoustic guitar/ duration 9’10”
Daniel Stanislawek, guitarist/Albany Records Troy827
Thirteen MP3
string quartet/ duration 12’09”
The Kronos Quartet (David Harrington, first violinist, John Sherba, second violinist, Hank Dutt, violist, Joan Jeanrenaud, cellist)/ CRI Records 599
Voices MP3
five movements for acoustic guitar and orchestra/ duration 18’41”
1 Fortuneteller, 2. Two Thieves, 3. Call of the Maiden’s Name, 4. Play of the Sixes, 5. Firefeast for St. Sara
David Starobin, guitarist, David Milnes conducting the Southern Methodist
University Meadows Orchestra/ Bridge Records 9071